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Hydrating & Detoxifying Face Mask

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Indulge in a rejuvenating skincare experience with our French Clay & Aloe Vera Powdered Face Mask. This exquisite blend of premium French clays and aloe vera powder offers a quick and effective spa-like treatment. Detox your skin and improve your acne breakouts with the benefits of the French Clays all whilst retaining your skin moisture and integrity. Simply apply a small amount of water to a teaspoon of the powder, apply the mixture to your face, relax for 10 minutes, and let this luxurious mask draw out impurities and revitalize your skin. Wash it away to reveal a refreshed, radiant complexion. Elevate your skincare routine effortlessly with this natural and effective beauty essential.


Green French Clay
Pink French Clay
Red French Clay
Aloe Vera Powder



How To Use

-Mix a spoonful of mixture with a small amount of water in a separate dish to the desirable consistency.
-Best to apply to face with a brush if possible
-Leave on for about 10 minutes, clay will stiffen and become hard
-Wash away with warm water and a wash cloth if need.
-Finish with your favorite moisturizer.