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Amber Noir Soy Candle

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Indulge in the sultry and luxurious aroma of our 10oz Amber Noir candle. This exquisite candle features a captivating blend of jasmine, amber, and cedar, creating a scent that is both alluring and enticing.

The rich and complex aroma of Amber Noir will transport you to a world of pure indulgence and relaxation. The warm and cozy notes of amber add a touch of sophistication, while the delicate floral scent of jasmine provides a seductive and sensual touch. The subtle hint of cedar completes the experience, creating a perfectly balanced scent that is both sultry and alluring.

Crafted from the finest quality materials, our Amber Noir candle burns cleanly and evenly, providing hours of long-lasting fragrance. Its elegant design and alluring scent make it the perfect addition to any home decor.

So go ahead, light up the Amber Noir candle and immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury experience. Whether you're looking to set a romantic mood or simply indulge in a little self-care, our Amber Noir candle is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a sultry and seductive aroma.


100% Soy Wax
Cotton Wick
Glass Vessel


10 oz
Height: 4-1/8“
Width: 3-1/8“

Care information

Burn candle for at least 2 hours on the first use to avoid tunneling and allow the wax to melt to the edge of the glass.
Trim the candle wick to 1/4" before every use
Do not burn candle longer than 4 hours at a time.
Keep away from things that are flammable.
Always keep the candle away from children and pets and never leave a burning candle unattended.